Dec 8.2015 – Newly popular foodie toy . . . discounts on this & other items

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In case you haven’t yet made the acquaintance . . . of this increasingly popular kitchen appliance, as Bon Appetit explained in a story that ran just this year, it “turns fresh veggies into faux-noodles . . . It isn’t just for the carb-averse; everyone from home cooks to restaurant chefs are spiralizing.”

We’ve selected some for you and also included a link to the whole shebang, which can be customized by such criteria as brand, rating, condition, price, even by discount.

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KitchenAid offers a spiralizer attachment which is not discounted, but if you would rather have their slicer/shredded attachment, it is, $39.99, reg $64.99 – find both here

Spiralizer brand, 3 discounted choices 

Mueller 8-in-1, $33.77, reg $74.99

Breiton’s NextGen Spiralizer, $21.95, reg $49.99 

BestFire spiralizer gadget {limited supply}, $7.88, reg $40

Spiralizers discounted 50% or more All


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