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For Celebrity Chef Connection {CCC}

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Celebrity Chef Connection, a WordPress blog, wants you to know exactly how we process information for the CCC site, and for an auxiliary site at the url,, which functions as the recipe repository for Celebrity Chef Connection. The policy that follows covers collection, use,  safeguards, and links to the privacy policies of outside programs employed by Celebrity Chef Connection.

Our policy follows U.S. standards. While the site by virtue of being on the Internet is viewed internationally, our policy does not necessarily promise to comport with venues outside the U.S.

We primarily collect email addresses from messages that are sent to me in conjunction with the site. This can take the form of questions, comments, or proposed content. The addresses may also come from business cards given to us, or from websites that we may access as resources.

The email addresses are collected for an email program that CCC uses to send regular  notifications of new postings. The program provides an easy and reliable function for opting out of the mailings.

Some may also become part of my Yahoo database. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise share either email list.

The email program I use is MailChimp. Click here for their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

While we feature a number of Amazon links offering purchase opportunities, we are not privy to the emails addresses of any buyers, nor any personal or financial information. Click here for Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

As well I use a WordPress site analysis program which does not provide email addresses, but does display portal information. Click here for the WP Privacy Policy.

We cannot be responsible for the security capabilities of the electronic devices you use, and therefore cannot offer any safeguards during the transmission from your device to CCC. We also also offer no guarantees about websites that you access through links on our site.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice. However we will make every attempt to highlight any change to the policy in the next post following the change.

Barbara J Nosek

Host / Producer / Proprietor

As of July 22, 2014