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Easy-read ways to make life nicer, diet guides, quit smoking, biz writing 

By B J Nosek, all e-books on Amazon, 99 cents to $3.99


  Dieter’s Survival Guide – a field manual for foiling the “Gainsters,” $3.99Product Details

Easy and powerful ways to help you avoid weight gain and still enjoy the dining experience – home alone, on the road, at a fast food outlet, the office or a party & more – plus shopping “survival style,” long lists of snacks and substitutes, short lists of “sneaky-cises” and wardrobe tips.


  The Busy Person’s Diet Guide - the at-a-glance version of Dieter’s Survival Guide, $2.99Product Details

Folks with a full agenda will appreciate this quick-read version of “Dieter’s Survival Guide,” featuring all the essential points from each chapter – except, hurray, the ones on Smart Snacks, Spiffy Substitutes, and Tidbits are included in their entirety in separate appendices.


  The Dining Out Chaptersexcerpted from Dieter’s Survival Guide, 99 centsProduct Details

Going out to eat can be a great joy or a big bummer as all around you have a fun time at the table while you worry about your diet. This book helps make sure it’s the fun kind of experience for you too, whether the destination is a fine dining restaurant, a fast food outlet, or a bountiful buffet.


  Holiday & Party Chapters - excerpted from Dieter’s Survival Guide, 99 centsProduct Details

Holidays get-togethers and other parties happen all year long. Does this spell trouble for your best intentions of maintaining some degree of svelteness??? No! Not if you follow these smart and satisfying ways to eat and drink and enjoy no matter where the social whirl takes you.


 Snacks & Sub{titution}s Listsexcerpted from Dieter’s Survival Guide, 99 centsProduct Details

Sometimes it’s better to have a smart snack than let your appetite grow to chair-fork-refrigerator proportions, and here we give you many tasty ways to do just that. Then our substitutions list lets you sneakily reduce calorie intake with selections that can satisfy even the most fussy palates.


 Can This Help You FINALLY Quit Smokingcustomize to fit your lifestyle, 99 centsProduct Details

Here’s the beauty of affirmations: no chemicals, no electronic substitutes, no hypnosis sessions {though they can also work right along with any of those techniques}. Tap into it anytime, anywhere, customize to your special needs. And if ever necessary, all ready and waiting to “reboot.”


 Be a Better Business Writer in Nine Easy Stepsread it tonight, use it tomorrow, $3.99Product Details

Success-oriented content, right-to-the-point style and a smart format that parallels the actual writing process. And it takes its own advice by presenting essential information in a clear and effective way, enhanced by a rich array of specific examples – and guidelines with staying power.


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