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Dec 15.2015 – Lots of gifts for the Celeb Chef fans on your list

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If the chef is on TV, owns high profile restaurants, or has authored top selling cookbooks, chances are excellent you’ll find a listing in my book store, with cookbooks, memoirs and more . . . and gift store with cookware, bakeware, apparel, foods and beverages.

Why look all through Amazon to find what you need? Instead, get comfy, maybe grab a glass of wine, and take a virtual stroll through these two shops, each on a single easy-to-use page.

Celeb Chef Book Store  Celeb Chef Gift Store


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Easy shopping during our Holiday Hiatus, 2014

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And, Happy Holidays right on through New Year’s Day!

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Nov 6.2014 – If the oyster is your world . . .

Hosted & produced by Barbara J Nosek

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. . . then you’ll probably appreciate these pearls of wisdom about half shells from that master of all things from the sea, marquee chef Rick Moonen. I recently came across a feature I’d written on the subject based on an interview with this fave friend of CCC and was fascinated all over again by the nuances of this briny treat.Moonen, Rick, headshot

One of his first comments dispels the notion that oysters must be relegated to prelude status on the dinner menu. “I could, and have, made entire meals out of half shell oysters . . . Years ago, Chef Charlie Palmer and I would open several dozen oysters onto some crushed ice and then sit down and just slurp one after the other until you couldn’t wipe the grins from our faces,” he said.

And then there’s the geographic distinction. “Many East Coast oysters will Product Detailsfinish with a nutty flavor . . . think pumpkin seeds or sunflower seed nuttiness,” Moonen said. “West Coast oysters finish up with a watermelon rind/cucumber juices sensation.”

Now then, how do we dress them up? For some, he said, “Just give me a lemon and leave me alone.”

Or . . . “Knock yourself out with cocktail sauce, spice it up with an extra dose of Tabasco or horseradish, or run with tradional mignonette {red vinegar, shallots, cracked black pepper}. Mignonette works best on the metallic-flavored flat oystes like Belons from France or Bluff Oysters from New Zealand.

“The creative side of me wants to reinforce the natural flavor profiles of these guys/girls with finely diced cucumber and douse it with a splash of ginger mignonette {rice wine vinegar, ginger, soy and mirin}. Top it off with wasabi-flavored tobiko {flying fish caviar} and you will have a memory to share with your friends.”

So with oysters on the ice, what should be in the glass? Moonen suggests dark stout as “an amazing pairing with briny, meaty fresh oysters. Dry Fino sherry can pair with the traditional mignonette lover and will  only explode the nutty finish even more.

“There are sakes that will sing arias with the Asian ‘s pproach of ginger and cucumber mignonette. I find myself enjoying oysters lately with a black and tan made up of Fat Tire beer and Guinness.”

Thanks {again!} Rick. Tuck into Moonen’s cuisine at his rm seafood downstairs Palmer, Charlie,  Courtesy of Dan Walbridgeand Rx Boiler Room upstairs, on the cusp of Mandalay Bay and Mandalay Place.

Charlie Palmer {shown here} is of course a celeb chef in his own right. He helms Aureole also at Mandalay Bay and Charlie Palmer Steak at the adjacent Four Seasons, as well as other restaurants in Reno and on both coasts. 

Btw . . . prefer your oysters cooked? Tune in Tuesday for Rick Moonen’s recipe for oyster stew

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Rick Moonen  Moonen’s cookbook, “Fish Without a Doubt”

Charlie Palmer  Palmer’s cookbooks on Amazon


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