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Dec 15.2015 – Lots of gifts for the Celeb Chef fans on your list

Hosted & posted by Barbara J Nosek



If the chef is on TV, owns high profile restaurants, or has authored top selling cookbooks, chances are excellent you’ll find a listing in my book store, with cookbooks, memoirs and more . . . and gift store with cookware, bakeware, apparel, foods and beverages.

Why look all through Amazon to find what you need? Instead, get comfy, maybe grab a glass of wine, and take a virtual stroll through these two shops, each on a single easy-to-use page.

Celeb Chef Book Store  Celeb Chef Gift Store


Also, save on Kindle Fires, e.g.,  HD10 sale $179.99, reg $229.99

Scroll down for even more great foodie gift ideas


We return on Jan 1, 2016, to answer this question . . .

Can one site satisfy a big appetite for

both foodies and readers 




Easy shopping during our Holiday Hiatus, 2014

Hosted & produced by Barbara J Nosek

Deals in Amazon’s Home Store through Dec 22

Year End Deals on Amazon – clearance, overstock & markdowns – variously through Dec 31

See full list of stores below


Scroll down to find a tasty array in our foodie-friendly online stores, all linked to the power of Amazon –  simplified shopping for food, wine, cookbooks or kitchen gifts or goodies for the holiday table.

And that means a vast selection that can be “tamed” by lots of search choices. At the very end is the general Amazon site. Happy shopping!

And, Happy Holidays right on through New Year’s Day!

CCC Book Store  Cookbooks mostly from celebrity chefs, but also others of interest

CCC Gift Store  Celeb DVDs, Kitchenware, Food, Beverages & Appliances  

Chocolate Shop  So many ways to have decadent chocolate

Cheese Shop   Gift baskets, specialties, Cheese of the Month Club, ethnic assortments, accessories

Sweet Shop  Celeb chef items, Gift assortments in festive packaging, top brands

Wine Shop  Customize by grape, origin, vintage, price, rating, and more, plus wine accessories, glasses, books, and magazines

Kitchen Appliances & Furniture  Celeb chef items, plus many good deals on everything from hand blenders to compact refrigerators

Foodie Magazine Subcriptions   Celeb chef, top rated, ethnic, and specialty publications plus magazine accessories

Warehouse deals on kitchen items  Bakeware, cookware, utensils, appliances, furniture and more

Amazon Gift Card Store   So many possibilities in so many categories

Foodie Gift Cards   Restaurants, retail, and more

Gift cards to use on Amazon  Prices range from 15 cents to $2,000, many ways to choose, four ways to send

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See you back right here on Jan 2 with recipes for leftovers from celebs & others

And be sure to check in Jan 8 when we debut an exciting new feature!